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2022 Endorsements

Rhode Island AFL CIO
Clean Water Action
Climate Action Rhode Island
Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence
Planned Parenthood Votes Rhode Island
Rhode Island Federation of Teachers and Health Professionals
National Association of Social Workers 
Rhode Island
Political Action Committee
Rhode Island Building Construction Trades
UFCW Local 328
National Education Association of Rhode Island
Rhode Island Working Families Party
United Nurses and Allied Professionals

About Val

  • Lifelong East Providence resident
  • Married to Len Rounds, small business owner
  • Classroom teacher, East Providence High School (U.S. History & Civics)
  • Vice-president, National Education Association Rhode Island
  • Graduate of East Providence High School; bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education and Master of Education, Rhode Island College

Key Issues

  • Implemented a child tax credit that gives a $250 tax break per child to all parents who qualify
  • Eliminated the state income tax on veterans’ military pensions, increased the pension tax exemption from $15,000 to 20,000, and sponsored legislation allowing EP to adopt a tax exemption for disabled veterans
  • Eliminated the car tax so EP residents will no longer receive a car tax bill after 2022
  • Supported another school construction bond that will help further rebuild and modernize East Providence’s public school buildings
  • Dedicated $250 million for affordable housing, including down payment assistance for those who qualify
  • Passed critical gun safety legislation banning high capacity magazines, banning open carry of long guns and raising the age to buy a gun or ammo from 18 to 21
  • Championed the Reproductive Privacy Act, which codified Roe v. Wade into state law
  • Sponsored legislation that promotes healthy eating and nutrition by giving 50¢ SNAP credits on eligible fruits and vegetables; sponsored bill that makes feminine hygiene products available in schools
  • Sponsored and passed legislation that extends the current revaluation date in EP from December 31, 2021 to December 31, 2022, ensuring assessments for residents are fair in light of major fluctuations in the housing market
  • Cosponsored the Act on Climate legislation and the 100% Renewable Energy Standard legislation. These bills set Rhode Island on the path to reduce RI’s climate emissions and do our part to protect our planet
  • Saved East Providence taxpayers money with her sponsorship and the passage of the ExxonMobil Tax Treaty. This agreement was negotiated by the City of East Providence to prevent unnecessary payments to the oil corporation and to end litigation
  • Voted to block high heat waste facilities in Rhode Island and opposes the proposed pyrolysis “plastic recycling” deregulation legislation
  • Championed the Climate Literacy Act which will infuse climate literacy into the curriculum while giving support to teachers and students


There is important work to do in our state, but we can’t do it alone. Please consider contributing to our campaign. With your help, we can get our state on the right track.

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