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Lawson seeks re-election to RI Senate

Senator Valarie Lawson today announced she is seeking re-election to the RI Senate District 14 representing East Providence.

“It truly has been an honor and privilege to represent the residents of East Providence for the past two years,” said Lawson. “I humbly ask voters to allow me to keep working on their behalf during this historic time. So many Rhode Islanders are struggling in our communities. We are confronting a health, economic and civil crisis and I would like to advocate for East Providence on these issues.”

As a freshman senator, Lawson introduced three bills signed into law by the governor. The Senior Savings Protection Act (S 433A) protects our seniors and our disabled citizens from financial exploitation.This law requires qualified individuals to report occurrences or suspected occurrences of exploitation. S409A requires Narcan on public and private schools sites to ensure school settings will now be prepared to prevent tragedies. Lastly, S585 amends the requirements of road and bridge contractors for the Department of Transportation contracts to furnish a bond equal to at least 50% of the contract if it is in excess of $150,000. This bill increases the pool of companies that can bid on state projects.

This session Lawson introduced legislation to assist youth and their families:

  • A bill that would provide feminine hygiene products in all public schools for grades 6-12

  • S 2436 allows individuals who have not reached the age of 18 years, to vote in a primary as long as the voter will be 18 by the general or special election. 

  • A bill to mandate a newborn screening to include disorders and conditions in the federal recommended uniform screening program (RUSP), 

  • The Catastrophic Illness in Children Relief Fund  would provide financial assistance to families with children stricken by catastrophic illness for medical expenses not covered by any other state or federal program of any insurance contract.

Lawson is also co-sponsor of the Nursing Home Staffing and Quality Care Act, which is even more timely during the COVID-19 crisis. This act mandates minimum staffing levels and standards for quality care for nursing homes. 


“There is much work to be done in our state, and it would be an honor to have the opportunity to represent and continue to fight for the interests of East Providence,” said Lawson. 

About Val

  • Lifelong East Providence resident
  • Married to Len Rounds, small business owner
  • Classroom teacher, East Providence High School (U.S. History & Civics)
  • Vice-president, National Education Association Rhode Island
  • Graduate of East Providence High School; bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education and Master of Education, Rhode Island College

Key Issues

  • Supports the school construction bond to fix our crumbling schools – our students deserve better.
  • Supports common sense gun reforms that will limit high capacity magazines and keep guns out of the wrong hands.
  • Supports incentives for East Providence small businesses – not wealthy corporations.
  • Supports tax policies that ensure big corporations pay their fair share, while keeping local property taxes down.

  • Supports the protection of the East Providence waterfront, to ensure smart, environmentally-friendly development.
  • Fights for issues important to working families, seniors and veterans.
  • Will work for tougher ethics laws to hold our elected officials accountable and ensure more government transparency.
  • Supports the protection of women’s health and reproductive rights, as well as equal pay for women in the workplace.


There is important work to do in our state, but we can’t do it alone. Please consider contributing to our campaign. With your help, we can get our state on the right track.

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